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Shankar Lall Murli Dhar Memorial Society was formed in 1953 to further education and development of public, assist holding of theatrical, musical performances, exhibitors and other activities for development of music, dance, drawing, painting and other fine arts, publish books and  works of literature, poetry, art & culture. The society has been holding annual mushairas and providing platform for poets (both veterans and budding) from India, Pakistan and abroad to present their poetry for Urdu connoisseurs.

The Annual Shankar Shad Mushria is a legacy to commemorate the memory of Sir Shankar Lall & Lala Murli Dhar of the DCM Conglomerate, who are known for their contribution to the social, educational and cultural life of New Delhi as the patron of Urdu poetry.

The Mushaira helps to further Indo-Pak relationship, specifically Cultural togetherness - Urdu Poetry, common heritage of the Indian Sub-continent.

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