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Sir Shankar Lall "Shankar"
Late Sir Shri Ram, founder of DCM Conglomerate, added immensely to the social, educational  and cultural life of Delhi. Among his many contributions is the Annual SHANKAR–SHAD MUSHAIRA.

When the idea of instituting a periodic symposium to mark the changing face of Urdu Poetry through the years engaged his attention, Sir Shri Ram consulted the leading literary figures of the time namely Josh Malihabadi (Famous Urdu Poet), Shankar Prasad, ICS (the then Chief Commissioner of Delhi), Prof. Mujeeb (Vice Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia), Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar (Poet Laureate), V. Shankar and K.G.Syed (notable Civil Servants and Educationists). They enthusiastically endorsed his idea of floating a Trust in the memory of Late Sir Shankar Lall ‘Shankar’ (brother of Sir Shri  Ram ) and Late Lala Murli Dhar  ‘Shad‘ (son of Sir Shri Ram ) who were well known poets of the Delhi School, and advised him to hold  Mushaira annually under the aegis of the Trust. Thus was born the Shankar Lall Murli Dhar Memorial Society.

Lala Murli Dhar
The Society initiated the Annual Mushaira way back in the 1954 in which eminent poets of the subcontinent participated regularly till 1965. Till then, poets from Pakistan were unable to participate for a few years, but the next decades saw the beginning of a change for the better; and prominent Urdu Poets from Pakistan and other Countries participated in the Mushaira regularly. This valued co-operation of great literary giants continued to enrich cultural life of the Indian subcontinent. The Shankar–Shad Mushaira, assumed the character of literary institution of vital importance in Urdu Literature. Invitation for recitation saw their latest composition at the Shankar-Shad  Mushaira, considered an important landmark in  the literary career of young Urdu Poets.

After the demise of Sir Shri Ram, this Institution prospered with the patronage of scions of the House of Shri Rams, namely Dr. Bharat Ram, Dr. Charat Ram and Dr. Bansi Dhar. In the past, it has received the support and encouragement of the leading lights of our nation such as our Late Prime Minister Pandit  Jawahar Lal Nehru, Late Shri Lal Bahadur  Shastri, Late President  Shri  Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and other leaders of India.

The event is now being organised with the support of DCM Shriram Industries Ltd, and shall endeavour to reach even higher levels of excellence in the world of Urdu poetry.

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