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An Introduction

The famous Shankar-Shad (Indo-Pak) Mushaira is inseparable from the cultural life of the capital.

The most unpredictable relationship that is the trademark of India and Pakistan, which transcends all boundaries and creates an unbelievable bonhomie amongst poets from both sides is the ‘Shankar-Shad Mushaira’, an annual event for poetry lovers, courtesy the DCM Shriram Group.


We condole the passing away of eminent persons (Governor/ Organisers) associate with Shanker-shad mushaira.

Prof. Malikzada Manjoor Ahmad

Mr. Anwar Jalalpuri


Abid Hussain

Akhilesh Mithal

SN Mathur

Dr. Rahat Indori

Bekal Utsahi

Gulzar Dehlvi

Mr. Tilak Dhar

  • 55th

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